Welcome in the heart of Rome, cradle of civilizations.

Immortal city, endless source of arts, architecture, culture, traditions, sports, cinema, ancient cooking traditions, fashion and glamour.

The Eternal City of Romulus and Remus, of the Seven Kings, gladiators and Popes, she belongs to everyone and she expects to be respected by all.

Choosing us for your stay in Rome, it means a fully immersion in the enchanted and timeless atmosphere of this place. Walking through the alleys with fountains, statues, churches, courtyards full of flowers you can reach old workshops and, looking out the window, you can see Colosseo’s arches and columns of the Roman Forums, the whole city at your feet.

Familiar atmosphere, friendliness and to meet the multiple needs of our guests are our greatest objectives. You will feel pampered as your home and we can be reasonably sure that, leaving our house, you will feel with a heavy heart looking forward to come back.

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